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Dear Podcast Host,

I am passionate about helping people navigate the complex financial world and create a financial plan that is rock solid for their future. I’m reaching out to select podcast hosts where I feel my financial expertise can benefit their audience. Below for your review is a little about me, possible topics I can speak on as well as free financial resources for your listeners. I look forward to connecting with you and discussing the possibility of being a guest on your podcast.

Best regards,

Brian Zeek


CEO & Founder - Wealth Strategist, Entrepreneur, Visionary Leader, and Author

Brian’s emphasis as founder of Surf City Financial Group (SCFG) has always been about efficiency, eliminating losses, and overseeing one’s own money. He is adept at finding the money you may be giving away unknowingly and unnecessarily. Throughout the years, he has proven to have a gift at understanding the way by which various financial products resonate with each other so as to maximize their effectiveness to individual personal financial planning. Brian is a Wealth Strategist, and his passion is to help others find their Wealth Plan and Protection through the Circle of Wealth Concept. He has been in business, as an entrepreneur, since 2003.


We don't just focus on investment management or increasing the rate of return on accounts. Instead, we take a holistic approach that addresses:

  • Tax management

  • Investment management

  • Retirement strategies

  • Estate conservation

  • Risk management and insurance

  • Cash flow improvement

The average American family saves only 4 cents of every dollar earned and spends the other 96. Most financial advisors focus on providing investment strategies for only those 4 cents. At Surf City Financial Group, we take a different approach. We analyze the entire dollar and specialize in finding areas of your spending that are creating wealth transfers you may not be aware.

Wealth transfers can include taxes on compounding returns in a taxable account, term insurance premiums, interest on credit cards, auto loans, leases, declining tax deductions on prepaying mortgage principal, and future tax liabilities on earnings from contributions to qualified plans.

Assume you earn $100,000 a year, save 4%, and make a 5% rate of return on your savings – that equals $200 in investment returns. If we can help you find just 2% of your earnings in hidden wealth transfers, you could save $2,000 more a year. That increases your rate of return on your existing savings from 5% to 55%, without taking any additional risks!

SOME Financial topics I can educate your listeners on:

  • The 4 Most Important Financial Questions Everyone Serious About Their Future Needs to Know

  • How To Increase Your Return on Investment Without Increasing Your Risk

  • How to Rate Your Financial Alternatives to Select the Perfect Savings Vehicle For YOU!


1) Podcast Listener Financial Resource Bundle

2) Financial
This roadmap covers the 6 step process for achieving financial security & how to answer the 4 most important financial questions.

3) Financial
This masterclass covers the 3 secrets for creating a secure and stress-free financial future without risk.

4) 6-Week Financial
This is a 6-week online program that includes over $4,000 of free financial resources, one-on-one coaching and online education. Listeners of your podcast can visit to learn more and apply for a free scholarship.

5) Financial Friday Educational Videos
Educational videos are sent every Friday to members of our email list who have opted in for the free roadmap or free financial masterclass.


Podcast hosts receive free access to the private members area for our 6-week Financial Accelerator program so you can see exactly what your listeners get access to when they enroll. Brian will provide you with login details once he is scheduled as a guest on your show.