What Makes Us Unique? 

We don't just focus on investment management or increasing the rate of return on accounts. Instead, we take a holistic approach that addresses:

  • Tax management

  • Investment management

  • Retirement strategies

  • Estate conservation

  • Risk management and insurance

  • Cash flow improvement

The average American family saves only 4 cents of every dollar earned and spends the other 96. Most financial advisors focus on providing investment strategies for only those 4 cents. At Surf City Financial Group, we take a different approach. We analyze the entire dollar and specialize in finding areas of your spending that are creating wealth transfers you may not be aware.

Wealth transfers can include taxes on compounding returns in a taxable account, term insurance premiums, interest on credit cards, auto loans, leases, declining tax deductions on prepaying mortgage principal, and future tax liabilities on earnings from contributions to qualified plans.

Assume you earn $100,000 a year, save 4%, and make a 5% rate of return on your savings – that equals $200 in investment returns. If we can help you find just 2% of your earnings in hidden wealth transfers, you could save $2,000 more a year. That increases your rate of return on your existing savings from 5% to 55%, without taking any additional risks!

We believe there is more money to be had by avoiding the losses than in trying to pick the winners.

Our Team 


CEO & Founder - Wealth Strategist, Entrepreneur, Visionary Leader, and Author
Brian’s emphasis as founder of Surf City Financial Group (SCFG) has always been about efficiency, eliminating losses, and overseeing one’s own money.   He is adept at finding the money you may be giving away unknowingly and unnecessarily.  Throughout the years, he has proven to have a gift at understanding the way by which various financial products resonate with each other so as to maximize their effectiveness to individual personal financial planning. Brian is a Wealth Strategist, and his passion is to help others find their Wealth Plan and Protection through the Circle of Wealth Concept. He has been in business, as an entrepreneur, since 2003.

Nicole Seibert, PHR
Nicole has the technical skills to be a planner in her own right, but, since 2003, she has taken the helm at Surf City Financial Group (SCFG) to lead client and vendor relations.   She helps clients through every step of their affiliation with the organization.  She is the consummate professional, and we are proud and fortunate to share her commitment to excellence in every facet of planning and plan execution.

Dee Dee Brooks, RHU REBC CFCI
EVP – Benefits Specialist, Entrepreneur, Strategic Planner, and Author
Dee Dee’s work background is extensive, from academia to law to Strategic Planning for a Fortune 50 Company.  She holds multi-state licenses, and brings her expertise in ERISA, plan formation, and wealth management to the organization.  The phone rings often with call-ins to ask her to solve a mystery that other planners may not be able to help with. She has been in the Life and Health Industry since 1994. Her passion is to help people retire with a peace of mind in accordance with a Holistic Planning Roadmap

Adriana Lugo, MBA
Adriana has over 20 years’ experience in managerial positions, and, with her husband, runs Hispanic Services of America, Inc.  In her capacity as Controller at Surf City Financial Group (SCFG), she has lent her services in the fields of Accounting and Administrative Structure to our small business clients.

Sarah Estabrook
Administrative Liaison
Sarah started with Surf City Financial Group (SCFG) in 2015, having worked at Hoag Hospital and in health insurance claims management previously.   She is recently licensed, and is moving from purely administrative tasks to working with the planners directly in order to make the online course experience as meaningful as possible for the attendees. 

Duke Young, MA AAMS CRPC® CCFS® ELA™ Ph.D. Candidate – Organizational Leadership
Director, Surf City College Planning (SCCP)
We are pleased to have Duke Young, an educator and a consultant for Surf City College Planning (SCCP).  With his decades of working experiences within the diverse fields of college admissions, communications, media, marketing, and financial services, Duke brings a wealth of knowledge, along with his desire to make a difference within the community at large, especially as an organizational development specialist. He has been in the field of education and retirement planning since 1997.

Clement Tagle, III, BA GRI   J.D. Candidate - Jurisprudence
Associate Director, Surf City College Planning (SCCP)
In addition to his service to Surf City College Planning (SCCP) as the Associate Director of College Planning, Clement serves as the Director of Finance for the UCLA Pilipino Alumni Association (UCLA PAA).  An experienced financial services professional, he holds a real estate broker license and a life, accident, and health insurance producer license.  He is also a published author and published editor, with his publications being marketed all over the world.   Clement is an SAT teacher employed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) with over 15 years of SAT & ACT teaching and college consultancy experience.

Our Process

1583173_1532457673104Screen_Shot_2018-07-24_at_11.40.33_AM (2).png

Our signature 6-step system gets you clear about three things: Where you are now, Where you want to be, and the exact steps required to close that gap.


Discuss your financial goals and demonstrate our unique approach.


Gather data and review your current financial position.  


Identify and educate on areas that are creating wealth transfers.  Wealth transfers can include taxes on compounding returns in a taxable account, term insurance premiums, interest on credit cards, auto loans, leases, declining tax deductions on prepaying mortgage principal, and future tax liabilities on earnings from contributions to qualified plans.


Learn how much to save, investment tradeoffs, and how to be tax efficient.


Select financial solutions and complete required paperwork.


Provide ongoing financial updates and annual reviews.

Our 6-Week Financial Accelerator program helps you through the above 6 steps.

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